Wood fired octopus

Taverna: greek food, olives and wine.

When I hear Greece, I immediately start thinking about an ancient civilization and their contributions to Philosophy and names like Sokrates, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras comes to my mind. Turns out, their food is quite delicious too!

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Grilled Salmon

Fishbone reminds you you're at the gate to the sea!

There's more than Dubai in the UAE, the country has other 6 emirates, SIX!, a lot of places to visit and try out, but being based in Dubai usually limits your day to day choices to what's available in the emirate, which is A LOT, to be honest.

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Caya: a pure family eatery

Caya advertises itself as "the eatery next door", if you live in Town Square, it certainly is but, if you don't, it certainly feels like. We found it very welcoming and familiar and its comfort food certainly made our souls feel Caya.

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Brix: a unique dessert bar

After a great experience at 3Fils and knowing Brix is by the same people, we just had to go try it out. As expected we were not disappointed, simple desserts and sweets elevated to a whole new level. Wan to know how it went?

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3Fils: fills you with great food!

3Fils is a small restaurant located in Jumeirah Fishing Harbor, they define themselves as a "Contemporary Asian Restaurant", one thing is for sure, they put a lot of effort in every element of the food they serve. Do you want to know more?

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Wearing gloves

It's ok, I have gloves!

We see people wearing gloves everywhere, they do everything with the gloves on and that's exactly the problem, we feel safe because the one preparing our food is not touching it directly, but, touches many other things but "it's ok, I have gloves"

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Big welcome and sahtain!

Please, allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you what moves us, what we are passionate about. We are a team of foodies, some of us are chefs and some are just enthusiasts

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