Thank you for passing by, please, let us introduce ourselves. We are an enthusiastic team of chefs, critics and foodies, just normal people who want to make Dubai's restaurant scene better, don't get us wrong, Dubai restaurants are great! and there are also nice social media accounts to follow for recommendations, but we feel things need to get to the next level in the foodie community, in the end, it's not all about beautiful pictures of the food and scenery in the restaurant, it's about the food, the flavors, how does it taste, the flavor profile. It's about immersing yourself into the cuisine you're trying and describing the flavor profile and the whole experience which is not present in the photo.

Dinning out is not about going to a place, sitting at a table and having the food served for you to eat, pay and then leave, maybe that's the overall process at a fast food chain, but when you're going to a restaurant it's about having a different experience, an experience that starts with how the host greets you at the gates and sets you up at your table, continues with how the waiter walks you through the menu and how they're able to recommend you what to order based on what you want to eat, gets to its climax with every bite of your food, the textures, how the different flavors complement each other and how the staff keeps you comfortable and feeling taken care of, making sure you're not lacking of anything and, hopefully, getting ahead of your needs, and ends when you ask for the bill. Everything should be smooth, that's why it's called Hospitality.

Our mission

For the foodies

We want to create customers with high standards in everything, but not in a demanding way, we're not talking about entitled customers. We want to create an educated community of restaurant goers who know not only about the food but also about business and gastronomy, people who are not picky for the sake of being picky, but because they know what they're talking about and they know what to expect. People who know, for example, if they go to an Italian restaurant and order a Neapolitan Pizza, the dough is going to be more elastic and softer and it's not going to be like the one you order from Domino's or Papa John's because, to start with, it's Italian pizza and not American style pizza, and then, Neapolitan and Roman pizzas are different. A community of people who knows if they order Tacos at an International Cuisine restaurant, are not going to be as good as if they ordered at a Mexican restaurant, they're going to taste and feel different and they need to be judged accordingly. We want to create a community of passionate connoisseurs who respect and appreciate the work waiters, chefs, hosts and cooks are doing.

For the restaurants

For the restaurants we wish to create resources to educate owners and hospitality workers, resources and guides to advise in topics which are generally difficult for restaurant workers as well as restaurant owners, maybe for big restaurants or restaurant chains everything is clearer and processes and well defined, streamlined and enforced somehow, but perhaps new restaurants or smaller businesses are struggling with them. We want to be a place of help for people in the food industry.

For us

Last but not least, we want to be an authority in food topics, a place where restaurant owners and workers can find resources to help them in their work or business and where the community can find recommendations on restaurants to visit from an objective point of view as well as advice on how to think about the food if they're planning to write a review somewhere.We want to become Dubai's restaurant guide.