Brix is a small 10 seats dessert bar located at Jumeirah Fishing Harbor in Jumeirah 2, right next to 3Fils, which is no surprise since they're both by the same people. Getting to the Harbor is a bit tricky, but long story short, the entrance is not the huge gate, is the small one few meters before on your right hand if you're coming from Jumeirah road.

The Arrival

After parking, getting to it is easy, if you don't know where to go, any security guard will be happy to assist you, as you walk towards the venue, you'll hear the seagulls and see the sea as well as many yachts and other smaller ships docked at the harbor, the landscape is very relaxing.

In the Restaurant

When you reach Brix's front door, you'll notice the glass is fully tinted, you can barely see inside, I believe this was made intentionally. Before going inside, turn around, see the landscape one last time, then, turn again and go inside the venue. It feels like going to a complete different place, the decoration is nothing like 3Fils, it's great too, but different. The setting is very minimalist, modern and welcoming, it's cozy but elegant at the same time. The whole concept is a desserts bar, so, you'll see a large black bar with tall chairs in front and a Barista, a Pastry Chef and a Chocolatier (I believe) greeting you from the other side in their black aprons.

The place was empty, probably because of the time or perhaps because of COVID-19, people are not going out too much even though the curfews are lifted. This visit was right after we went to 3Fils, we did both the same day.

Just like 3Fils, we felt very safe while at Brix, I noticed everyone wore their masks properly as well as gloves, I saw the Barista going out and coming in again and sanitizing his hands before wearing a new pair of latex gloves and there was no physical menu, just a QR code which you can scan and takes you to their online menu. I felt like they take safety very seriously, there wasn't a lot of space between chairs, but we were all the same group and we were the only ones inside so it was fine, although I'm assuming people would leave one empty chair in between.

We went though the menu and after discussing a bit, we went for:

  • Truffle Balls
  • Isphahan
  • Mango

Dish by Dish

Truffle Balls


We started by ordering two Truffle Balls, they came over a bit of sea salt in a big glass plate, the plating was like the decoration, simple, elegant and minimalistic, I liked the way it was presented, in the end they're dark chocolate balls covered with cocoa powder.

The way to eat them though is not how you'll eat any other chocolate. You need to grab a pinch of sea salt, put it in your mouth and let it sit for a bit before eating the whole Truffle. Salt is a flavor enhancer, what will happen is it will enhance the taste of nothing at first but prepare your tongue for the explosion when you start chewing the chocolate, now that you've had the salt do its job, place the chocolate ball in your mouth, you'll start feeling the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the light sweetness of the cocoa powder, chew it once or twice, you'll notice they're crunchy and not hard and feel something liquid spilling all over your mouth. The truffles are stuffed with white truffle and white truffle oil, a very pleasant surprise, the combination of the chocolate and the white truffle enhanced by the sea salt is something that will take you to another dimension, especially of you're not expecting the actual truffle inside the truffle, this should be called truffleception.



The startling combination of raspberries, lychee and rose in a macaroon makes the Ispahan a delicious and delicate dessert, rose and lychee are almost designed to be together, they complement each other very well and the raspberry adds acidity to the equation to break the sweetness and add a citric punch, add to that the texture of the macaroons and you'll have the perfect companion for your afternoon tea or coffee.

In this case, they replaced the macaroon with a spongy cake soaked in rose and lychee syrup and added some raspberry meringue squares and whipped cream, a nice twist for an otherwise very classic dessert. The rose flavor is very present in the meringues and the rose milk cake, you also get to feel a bit of lychee in the syrup, all that sweetness is broken by the raspberry and the whipped cream along with the raspberry meringue to reset your palate for the next bite. I liked it a lot, however if you're an Ispahan purist, you'll miss the macaroon, this is more like an Ispahan inspired milk cake, which is a great concept in my opinion.



The way this dessert comes plated is a bit of a mystery at first, it's a bowl with a mango glass covering everything and you need to smash it to reveal what's inside. It's a mango pudding and a lightly tangy mango compote with a super smooth greek yogurt ice cream and crunchy fried sago pearls. It's made of Jamaican mango which has a very unique taste sitting in between mango and passion fruit, this makes it a very fresh and tropical dessert, perfect for summer time.


Brix is a great place to go for an afternoon tea or coffee and have some sugar boost or even for dessert after a feast at 3fils, whether you love sugar or not, this place will not disappoint you, they have a variety of confections and chocolates with, I'm sure, pleasant surprises inside, I didn't get to try their coffee because it was a bit late, but I'm sure it's good too (will find out in my next visit). The chocolate was bitter, well tempered, the sweets were well balanced, sweet but not cloying, fruity and fresh. 100% recommended. They mentioned they're preparing a set menu of sweets paired with matching drinks, a concept I haven't seen before here in Dubai and I'm looking forward to try.

You'll notice in the bill there's a confection we didn't review, the Peanut Bar, we ordered it and apparently it was so good our kid ate all of it, so, we didn't get to taste it, will try to review it in the next visit.

Our Rating

  • Overall: 5 out of 5. Sweets were very well balanced, staff is friendly and the experience was pleasant
  • Value for money: 5 out of 5. Great desserts and worth the money we spent.